House Of Black Lanterns – Triumphantism


House Of Black Lanterns - TriumphantismConstantly experimenting and evolving Berlin-based British producer Dylan Richards has never been one to take the easy, safe option. With releases under his belt for labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp Records, Houndstooth and Hypercolour, Richards’ restless spirit now sees him take on one of recorded music’s greatest challenges, the concept album.
Returning to his most recent House of Black Lanterns guise, ‘You Were Telling Me of Mountains’ is an album, epic in both scope and sound, inspired by both the soundtracks and musical freedom of artists such as Tangerine Dream and the latest electronic music being produced in bedrooms around the world. Consisting of two continuous parts containing eleven movements in total, the album was written between summer 2013 and summer 2015, and draws both musically and thematically from the artist’s frustrations of being a recording artist today.


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