Muzi – Fire Fx EP – Mini Mix


South Africa’s hottest young DJ/producer, Muzi, is ready to explode back onto the music scene with his blistering new ‘Fire FX’ EP, set to drop on 4th December. 
Muzi’s hotly anticipated 6-track release features his trademark eclectic mix of hip-hop and electronica, all the while paying homage to his South African roots in the Empangeni township of the north-east. Acknowledging that the violence he experienced growing up has proved to be a major influence on his work, Muzi explains that “The hardness of the sound is probably because I come from a very bad background. People used to tell me my music was very violent. Maybe that is true because that’s what I grew up seeing. But the energy of it is happy and positive. I’ll never take you to a dark place with my music, because I know how that feels.”


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