Jozef K & Winter Son -Smiling Through Wide Eyes

Smiling Through Wide Eyes jozef K
Jozef K & Winter Son are a formidable force. ‘Smiling Through Wide Eyes’ on Skint Records emphasises their capabilities. Remix duty has been handed to Swedish duo Mr Tophat & Art Alfie and Berlin-based Argy.
Jozef K & Winter Son explained of the EP, “[it’s an] old school record made in homage to UK rave culture. Expect drum breaks, rave pianos and bass,” accentuated by the lyric, ‘We make this prayer to you.
‘Smiling Through Wide Eyes’ commences the release with an unstoppable energy that wouldn’t sound out of place in the bygone parties of The Haçienda, awash with loopy horns, piano and vocals. The heady ‘Starlight In Another World’ is framed by a scattered female vocal, craving the magic of those early hours. Mr. Tophat & Art Aflie add a heavier edge with their remix of ‘Smiling Through Wide Eyes’, whilst Argy spirals the energy levels with his high-powered remix.


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