Bibio Releases Town & Country Single / New Album Out April 1st


Bibio ‘A Mineral Love’Town & Country follows up previous singles Petals and Feeling and harks back to Bibio’s escape from London 13 years ago, how he built his sound and ethos around a longing for country living, which has helped shape the recording techniques he’s used throughout his career and embodied in A Mineral Love. Bibio explains in detail below.
When I lived in North London between 1999-2003 I found my feet as an artist and came up with the name Bibio. It was also by my second year in London that I knew I wanted to be in the countryside, far away from the big city. My dream was always an old country cottage with an outbuilding I could turn into a studio, the cherry on the cake would be to get a drum kit in there. That dream has now come true and my first ever drum kit is featured in this song. I wrote the drum parts but got my good friend Rob Lee to play them as he is an accomplished drummer with solid timing, it also gave me freedom to work on the miking and the overall sound of the drums as he performed. Rob also added nuances and flair that only an experienced drummer could bring to the mix. It’s a song about struggle, endurance, fantasy, longing, acceptance and appreciation. I wanted it to be both uplifting and bittersweet. It’s not necessarily about me, although written from my sympathetic perspective, but I’m sure there will be people out there who will relate to it.”
Bibio ‘Feeling’


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