Giuliano Rodrigues – Unimaginable (incl. H. Ebritsch remix)

‘LF106 Lucidflow – Giuliano Rodrigues – Unimaginable (incl. H. Ebritsch remix) 6.6.16’
Giuliano Rodrigues is back with his second solo EP on Lucidflow! A joung talent from Brazil who has continuously enthused us with his brilliant minimalistic techno and driving rhythms.
The EP leads off with label boss’ Helmut Ebritsch remix on Unimaginable which lives up to its name – a bouncy number that opens up a whole bag of tricks over its duration. First digging itself into a dark hole with a shuffling rhythm, a cheeky synth lifts the mood before crunchy bass is deployed to snap the floor into step. These elements casually drift together to create a teasing finale that will keep the floor guessing to the last.

Unwavering is a dirty, dark, brooding and spacious track for never ending underground adventures. Constantly building, the warm low end’s gentle insistence pushes against the hips while skittering percussion gives momentum to it’s majestic pulse.

The marching, mechanical feel of Look At Me with its tight drum programming will get people out of their seats, unaware of what is to come. With the dancing set in motion, intoxicated vocal snippets swarm around the low end to create both a twitchy funk and tripped out effect.

Feeling The Space takes its time to unfold and chooses deep darkness as its motif, appropriate for the darker of the phenomenon; it gradually grows with prominence to a subdued crest before fading as it appeared. Last but not least the title track is the most typical of Lucidflow releases, heavily dub house influenced with sharp and intricate percussion that has a twinkle in its eye.
Each track on the package takes hold of the senses in a different way, twisting them so that time becomes an afterthought.


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