Arctic Lake new single – ‘Heal Me’ (Stream)

Arctic Lake unveil new single - 'Heal Me'
‘Heal Me’
17th June 2016
Arctic Lake have been carving a distinct niche for themselves since their debut in 2015. Now the trio are set to unveil their latest, self-released offering ‘Heal Me’.

The seamless fusion of ardent lyrical sentimentality with an addictive, hazy production is quickly becoming a blend with which Arctic Lake are synonymous – and their latest offering ‘Heal Me’ is no different.

A melancholic love letter that’s narrated by the hushed and haunting tones of front-woman Emma Foster, ‘Heal Me’ is brutally honest and eerily relatable. Opening with the soft touch of keys, Andy & Paul lift the pure simplicity of the melody with the subtle introduction of a mellow percussion and pulsing synths that add extra layers of texture during the chorus.

‘’Heal Me’ was a track that felt really natural for us to write, and it’s the one we’re most looking forward to playing live. We love transferring our music into a live scenario, and we feel ‘Heal Me’ has a lot of energy and intensity” – Arctic Lake

Next month on the 8th June 2016, Emma Foster (vocalist) Andy Richmond (drummer) and Paul Holliman (guitarist) will take center stage at London Fields Brewery to deliver what promises to be a goose bump inducing live performance.


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