Listen:New track from forthcoming ‘Refugee’ compilation – Unreleased Alasdair Roberts

The second track from the ‘Refugee’ compilation album has surfaced.
Scarce Of Fishing is an original composition by Alasdair Roberts, written in contribution to a new up and coming charity compilation album titled Refugee. All proceeds go to Migrant offshore Aid Station to help save the lives of refugees at Sea.

Featuring Richard Dawson, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Linda Thompson, Alasdair Roberts, Ricky Ross, BMX Bandits and many more, the ‘Refugee’ album is a united effort from some of folk’s most esteemed and cult figures, who’ve contributed an original or unreleased song each to the ‘Refugee’ project.

‘Refugee’ (out digitally on July 5th through Brainfog) is a highly significant collaborative recording project which reflects, through song, the issue of the refugee crisis in its many forms, from Syria and beyond. It’s been curated by Scottish folk artist Robin Adams, who called on his close friends and musical colleagues from around the world to contribute to the project.

Each track is an unreleased original song, with contributions from the likes of the above artists. All proceeds go to the MOAS organisation (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) who’ve saved more than 13,000 lives since 2013 in the Mediterranean Sea. Read more on them at


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