New Incroyable Release by Bellville(Preview)

Incroyable Music is back with another hot release, this time from Bellville head. The half Italian half German producer is fast rising through the ranks and here serves up three sizzling cuts to get you in the groove.
Opener ‘Illusions’ is a brooding track with expansive synths, drama in its pads and slickness in the wavy beats. It builds to a great peak that will have floors in raptures. ‘Resurrexit’ is then another suspense filled jam that keeps you on your toes as jangling chords wobble above deep rolling beats. Last but not least, ‘Contemporary Minds’ slips into a techno vibe with rumbling bass and wide open spaces creating a spooky feel that will lock in the crowd in the club. Once again then this is another essential offering from Incroyable Music.
Release date:
1 July 2016


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