Style of Sound – Style of Sound Vol. 1(Full Video Mix)

SOS-Vol1London music magazine Style of Sound recently joined forced with Emerald & Doreen to create an 83-minute mix which brings to life the dance music side of the label’s diverse catalogue.

Mixed by Style of Sound editor John Noi, the mix is inspired by the dance floor of the future, a dance floor filled with the upbeat rhythms of indie dance, nu disco, italo disco, techno, and house music, where two amazing girls called Emerald & Doreen take you by the hand and spin you into a heady oblivion.

Having passed through London’s Central St Martins, worked as a trend forecaster, and experienced way too many dance floors for his own good, John is on the constant look out for what’s cool in the world of music and culture. And with Emerald and Doreen, he feels he’s found a true gem.

He says, “Emerald & Doreen is one of the few labels in the world who’s willing to take a risk with new acts, and their prolific release schedule shows the passion of their founders whose life mission is to introduce the world to new music which will ultimately enhance the soundtrack to everyone’s life. I like to the think of Emerald & Doreen as a sort of Creation Records of the 21st century where style and substance come together – but with more danceable beats.

Fitting appropriately with the Style of Sound mantra, this compilation of songs is not for everyone.but neither is good taste.


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