DjClick new album Labesse Club+free downloads

This album is filled with vitamins and is a great way to boost your energy! Bringing together the best of oriental electro dub and oriental music, DjClick presents a collection of collaborations, remixes and first time encounters which promises to be the most significant on this imaginary axis.
It has been 10 years since the first volume of Labesse came out in 2006. At that time, it was a very new sound with compositions that were inspired by traditional instruments, such as the Nay, oriental flutes, the Oud, the Guembri, ‘crotales’, the Bendir, etc. The list of tracks was also first-class, including collaborations with U-Cef and Amina, Mei Tei Shô and Ganoub, Gwana Njoum Exp, Magic Malik, Hightone, Smadj, amongst others.
This new musical postcard was produced between 2006 and 2016 and presents authentic and original combinations, specially remixed and recorded for this occasion. Top collaborations include tracks with Simo Bouamar from Speed Caravan, Kasba, Sofiane Saidi, The Alaev Family, Watcha Clan, Yasmine Djel, Guy Schalom, Boogie Balagan, Hamadcha from Fes, etc.…
Labesse Club is a meditated journey. From boat sirens in Istanbul, young children playing in Marseilles, to the arrival at the Tlemcen airport, and even the drunk guitarist in the Place des Abbesses in Paris.
The album is dedicated to peace and is an invitation to dance, regardless of religion. Travelling from Sufism to rock, from Tel Aviv to Marrakech, the music crosses cultures and delivers a message of hope for peace in the Middle-East, for the end of fanaticism, and for a hand reached out in communication between people and cultures.
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