Mountns share full stream + interactive music video for their soulful debut single, "Hey Love"


Mountns Mountns, a brand-new collaboration from the music producer, film composer, and visual artist Joshua Robertson, which features sultry vocals from Lewis Lane. The duo has shared their soulful debut single “Hey Love” , an electrifying disco-inflected gem that combines rhythmic elements of electro-pop and house.

“Hey Love” is an irresistible single that captures the essence of change. The song captures both the underlying anxiety and the driving excitement of transition, which contrasts dark, pulsating synths with airy pop vocals and layered percussion. Lewis Lane is the moniker of Brooklyn-based singer Katherine Smith, whose sound bridges the gap between soul and pop, grounded in contemporary production.
Alongside the single comes an innovative, interactive music video for “Hey Love,” which pairs the song with beautiful video imagery shot between New York City, Los Angeles, and Utah to create a transcendental experience controlled by the listener/viewer.
Watch the Interactive Music Video via


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