Titan's new album featuring Gary Numan, Egyptian Love/Watch:Dama Fina

titanDAMA, the new album from TITAN, is the latest in a long list of projects keeping the Mexican electronic rockers busy. Joining keyboardist Emilio Acevedo, guitarist Julian Lede, and bassist/drummer Jay de la Cueva on DAMA — produced by indie rock impresario Nick Launay — are collaborations with iconic synth God Gary Numan, electro funk wizard Egyptian Lover and girl group icon, Siobhan Fahey from
Bananarama among others.

As TITAN put it, “We wanted the first single to be a song that people would be uncomfortable with and ‘Dama Fina’ works very well for that purpose.” Vice Noisey adds that “The video, takes that level of uncomfortableness even further, depicting a drug addled world where post-apocalyptic warriors sacrifice nymphs in rituals in order to produce purer drugs. Yeah, it gets that crazy.
1. Dama Fina
2. Hell. A. Feat. Siobhan
3. Tchaikovsky
4. Ssangre
5. Apache
6. Dark Rain feat. Gary Numan
7. Aves
8. Soldado
9. Dama Negra feat. El Columpi Asesino
10. She Like The Music feat. Egyptian Lover
11. Arahan feat. Church
12. Himno
13. El Rey del Swing


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