Kungs releases new single 'I Feel So Bad' + You Remain ft. RITUAL(Video)/ Debut album 'Layers' is out 4th November

Kungs has just released the third single from his debut album, entitled ‘Feel So Bad’.
The track features the vocals of Wolfgang Valbrun, the lead singer of Ephemerals. He came to collaborate with Kungs after he’d heard one of the band’s tracks and immediately got in touch with the singer; Wolfgang also features on one other track from the upcoming album, ‘Freedom’.
The pair’s efforts clearly paid off; ‘I Feel So Bad’ perfectly showcases Kungs’ fusion of classic blues, rock and jazz instrumentation with danceable beats, with the guitar melody complementing Valbrun’s husky vocals.
The single is set to build even more anticipation for debut album ‘LAYERS’, which is due for release on the 4th November. The aptly-titled LP draws on a wide range of influences, taking in live brass choruses, acoustic guitar, piano, soulful voices and gentle basslines in varied combinations to reflect different emotions. The release of ‘LAYERS’ and ‘I Feel So Bad’ comes after what was, needless to say, a whirlwind year for Kungs. Aside from the huge success of his debut singles, he’s come off the back of incredible summer of touring, with 60 gigs in 12 countries. This debut LP is only the beginning of a bright future for this talented young artist.

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