Experimental Artist Moonlapse Drops Debut Single Off Third Studio Album

 Ben Strick (Moonlapse)Dark Root OmenToday, virtuostic and genre-bending musician Ben Strick (Moonlapse) releases “Dark Root Omen”, the debut single off of his soon to be released third studio album, Viridis. “Dark Root Omen” can be viewed as an illuminating flashback before the epilogue of the Viridis story arc. The track is meant to give the listener an idea of what actually happened in the past to cause whatever happened during the course of Viridis. The title for “Dark Root Omen” was inspired by one of Moonlapses’ favorite areas in any video game, which is the Dark Root Garden in Dark Souls. “The whole idea of the story was given to me, actually, after seeing the amazing artwork painted by Duncan Storr which can be seen on the Viridis album cover. If you want to extend the meaning beyond just fantasy and apply it to our world, it can be looked at as the idea that maybe one day, nature will take back the world from us due to how we’ve treated it. That prophecy would be the dark root omen,” proclaims Strick.

Musically, “Dark Root Omen” is the most haunting and hard-hitting track on the upcoming Viridis record. “I never stray from my favorite Phrygian Dominant scale, and I try to blend heavy trap drops with progressive metal double-kick rhythms. I’ve been listening to a lot of Meshuggah lately and I was really interested in how sometimes they repeat the same main riff for a really long time, making slight adjustments, and it doesn’t get old but rather builds suspense. The idea of the track is meant to combine a sense of dark-fantasy style apocalyptic dread with intricate rhythms and unusual instruments, while still being fun and danceable,” says Strick.
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