Introducing: In Light Of /Listen -"Bless Your Heart"

 In Light Of  "Bless Your Heart" The two members of In Light Of, Jason Greenberg and Sandy Johnston, have never written a song together. That is together in the same room, or even the same city. All five songs on their debut EP, Little Treasures, were pieced together from ideas shared from one device to another, many kilometres away.
Jason and Sandy grew up in different cities without any mutual connections. They were first brought together in 2013 when, thanks to an online job posting, Jason hired Sandy to join his music licensing company. Starting as colleagues they quickly bonded over a shared appetite for the kind of boundless sonic exploration found in post-rock (and the like) songwriting. But it wasn’t until Sandy moved five hours away that a musical project was first discussed.
The project began with the lead single, Bless Your Heart. Sandy, known as the idea starter or “vibe setter”, sent Jason an idea for a song that was recorded entirely on his iPhone. Jason, known as the idea finisher or “vibe wrangler”, developed and finished the track in his studio, keeping many of the original low-fi recordings in the final mix. Thus began a formula for songwriting that works perfectly for both writers.

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