Control Change new album Club Mates #2/Hear "Everybody"

control-change-new-album-club-mates-212 new tracks from Control Change coming out on BNC Express on the 5th of December 2016
Everybody ( Clip )
“Everybody” is the single meant to announce Club Mates part2, the forthcoming album of Control Change on BNCexpress.

Control Change are an italian duo from Milano. The members are Promenade and Trupak.
After one year producing drum’n’bass togheter, they decided to choose a name for the duo. Their bootlegs and their tunes for BNCexpress have thousands of listeners on their soundcloud pages and on youtube as well.
In 2014 their remix “Good To Me” from Richard Grey was released on G High records (Los Angeles).
During this first year of work, their tunes were twice choosen from Knowledge Mag for the best free download chart.
“Control Change” is also a stunning 4 decks show


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