Franolić & Ćulap & Jovanović -Put

franolic-culap-jovanovic-putDražen Franolić and Kamenko Ćulap are musicians who share affinity for traditional music of Arabic and Indian worlds. They live and create in Zagreb, and in their own particular way, they made a blend of Oriental sounds and the Balkan notes. After Bujrum and Česma albums their paths crossed with a harmonica player Marko Jovanović. The trio sets off in a mutual direction to record the oriental adventure titled Put.
Other than their shared work, the guys put their musical creativity into other projects. Dražen Franolić has been an active musician for years. He started with the guitar, but later switched to oud. His most notable work, the album Asgard Live (1994), was made in collaboration with Vesna Gorše and has a somewhat epic status in the Balkan region. Kamenko Ćulap has spent years practicing and playing percussion instruments. He has been an active musician in many cultural – art groups. He’s also a member of VIS Pelister – a Macedonian traditional music ensemble. The self-taught harmonica virtuoso Marko Jovanović collaborated with many musicians and in the Spring of 2016, he even started his harmonica school in Berlin.
The album was recorded on traditional instruments such as the Arab lute – oud, percussion instruments tar, mazar and udu, and the harmonica. The starting point was the local, Balkan music of the region complemented with personal musical tastes of the trio – Indian influences, jazz and blues. The sound is gradually built by improvisation with warm melodies of oud and exotic percussions. The final result is a scrollwork of Arabic and Turkish sounds embedded with regional Balkan ethnic themes. The musical skeleton of their creation is based on Indian ragas and makarams.
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