Scoom Legacy -Slow on Solar Distance

Solar Distance is a label run by leading Spanish artist UNER.
Breaking away from the labels usual style this releases focuses on timeless House with a sound reminiscent of jazzy Underground Resistance, mixed with a fusion of Floating Points and soulful UK garage. Spiced up with some electronic Hip Hop beats, the grooves on this album are infectious.
Changing mood and raw emotion make this album perfect for home listening whilst track’s like “Follow The Darklight” and “Secret Hints” are still perfect for the club.
01. Buky Walk
02. Guetto Boosters
03. Caprica
04. Fair Tales
05. Slow (Feat. Aly Frank)
06. Requiem Of The Stars
07. Nonetheless
08. Follow The Darklight
09. Kobi
10. Hatesitate
11. Campo’s Wisdom
12. Secret Hints
13. Oblivion


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