Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s -Everything Is Turbulence (Remixed)

Out on 27th January 2017 via Skint Records
Justin Robertson’s landmark Everything Is Turbulence album from 2015 has been proudly remixed by a key selection of contemporary artists including Gerd Janson, Andrew Weatherall, Slam and Oliver Deutschmann.
Underground electronic hero Justin Robertson exceeded all expectations once again with his latest and greatest album. It was filled with a world of dub, disco, punk and psychedelic influences, which all get teased out here by a selection of heavyweight remixers from legends of the scene, to the production stars of tomorrow. In Justin’s own words… “We asked a collection of my favourite artists to take apart tracks from my latest album. I trusted them to be bold and put their own stamp on the music. I wasn’t interested in focus grouping or market targeting, I just wanted to use producers whose music I love, and who would have fearless fun without worrying about the consequences. They all rose to the challenge magnificently. I hope you dig them as much as I do.
Each artist truly adds their own spin to proceedings here, starting with a dubbed out and reverb heavy rework of Metal Taste from eclectic Running Back label boss Gerd Janson. It is musical maverick, DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall who then flips For One Touch into a slow motion and subversive cut of deep grooves, weird electronics and freaky jungle sounds. _UNSUBSCRIBE_ , aka Dave Clarke & Mr Jones, then bring their usual high impact style to an acid laced cut up of the Robertson & Daniel Avery cut I Am Automatic whilst Turbo’s Argentine duo DJs Pareja opt for a bouncy but brash house take on Bajo La Luna.


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