Ash Shakur shares his latest EP 'Hare Colours'(Download)

ash_shakur_press_shot_smHaving kicked off 2016 with the release of his debut EP, London-based experimental emcee Ash Shakur continues to make waves in the British music scene with his follow up project ‘Hare Colours’.
Combining his inherent poetic wit, with clever wordplay and an effortless flow, the EP sees Ash rap over a selection of beats from different producers, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Speaking on the project Ash describes it as “an expression of emotions and different moods as each song relates to a particular colour. It represents the times we are in, it’s here to create an impact and start conversations.” Following on from his debut, ‘Hare This’ – ‘Hare Colours’ comes as the second in a trilogy of projects connecting fashion, art and music.
Download Full EP Here

1. SHINE prod. Who Is Mike
2. Can We Make It Out prod. P Soul
3. Night Sky prod. Pirooz Beats
4. Depends On How The Day Goes Prod. Point 5
5. Soul In Here(Bonus) Prod. Bluestaeb
6. Remedy Prod. The Kount
7. We’re Here Prod. Mr Muzira


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