Unknown Archetype – Tripp EP on R&S

unknown-archetype-tripp-epUnknown Archetype AKA Roxy Tripp & Oliver Kucera debut their visceral experimental techno for R&S on this three track EP
Unknown Archetype is a collaborative project between Roxy Tripp, a British conceptual artist & music producer, and Oliver Kucera a Czech born Producer & Live performer, residing in the Netherlands. With an extensive background of solo projects in the underground scene, the duo began their collaboration together as Unknown Archetype in 2015.
The TRIPP EP is an abrasive, visceral EP of electronic body music underpinned by themes of Jungian psychology, symbolism and mythology. The industrial tech funk of lead track Voyeurism kicks things off – skittering breakbeats, squalling filters and blistering snares pile-driving the listener into ecstatic submission, while ‘Tripp’ see the duo employing sizzling bursts of white noise and caustic percussion over a jagged rhythm box figure. Matters are pared right back for the rigid austerity of closer ‘The Serpent’ – the dubbed out lead stab quivers over a strobing 909 drum groove and scything cymbals.
Effortlessly balancing deep late night sounds with a unique character and intricate headphone centric programming, the Tripp EP is a fitting and welcome addition to R&S’s storied catalogue of forward thinking DJ weapons.
OUT 27 January 2017
01. Voyeurism
02. Tripp
03. The Serpent


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