Modd – Magic Footsteps on Kindisch

Modd presents a special 3 track EP for Kindisch, ‚Magic Footsteps‘. The up-and-comer begins with a relaxed atmospheric title track, blending warm beats with a thick atmosphere and moving synths.
Keeping things on low heat, he manages a beautiful early morning a journey. ‘Soulful A Flight’ ups the energy with a heavier kick and a brighter sound. Warm to the touch, the track glows as the sunshine peaks through the elegant piano, creating a feel-good ambience with a fantastic groove. Finally Modd delivers a heavier bass track that still lays soft on the ears. Thick pads carry the track along on an emotional ride, dipping and swaying with each new chord, but always staying on course. A beautiful after hour track, topped with distant vocals to great effect. The beauty is spread throughout; from the small details to the subtle, chugging bassline Modd has captured our imaginations with this exceptional EP.
Out February 24th, 2017
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