Erik Luebs – Wasteland EP on Perfect Touch

Osaka-based artist Erik Luebs spent the last 18 months distilling his technical process and conceptual approach to creating music. The result is Wasteland, a 25-minute collection of three tracks that explore the margins of techno, IDM, electronica and ambient. Though uncompromising in mood and style, the immersive rhythms and attention to detail gives each track an unexpected degree of accessibility.
In addition to producing music, Luebs also organizes events and releases friends’ music through his Perfect Touch label. Putting on his Perfect Touch nights in Osaka provided the necessary inspiration to break into new creative ground.The local music scene is tight knit, and its small size allows for crossover that would perhaps not otherwise be possible elsewhere. A group of noise/techno heads bleeds over into a grime scene, which collides with footwork and merges into bass, all of which is tied together by house. The fluidity between these communities provided Luebs a good foundation in which to throw events and hone in on his creative ideas.
31 March 2017 / Perfect Touch
01. Red C
02. Crashed
03. Dust
04. Red C (Vessels Remix)


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