Listen: Almeeva's Some Revelation from new Unset EP (out April 19th on InFiné Music)

Almeeva is an electronic music producer, whose productions are influenced by pop and definitely club oriented .
This is a seductive blend between minimalist and modern aesthetics.
Let’s be honest: it’s like watching paint dry.
We could talk about a gig he performed with his hardcore band 10 years ago, during which he burst his head on stage with his bass, carried away by the shame of his homosexuality. The live lasted 15 minutes.
We could tell that one of his old production is part of a pornographic movie soundtrack, and no one asked for his permission. This movie is about Nicolas Sarkozy.
We could emphasized that his track ‘Soviet Superstructures’, from his first EP on InFiné is synchronized with an advertisement of Japanese hi-tech toilets. A video extremely well realized by the way.
We could stop talking in the third person and stop pretending I am not writing my own description.
All those information are true. My name is Almeeva and here is my 5th EP, the 3rd one on InFiné.

Almeeva aka Gregory Hoeppfner is a multi-instrumentalist and video maker, member of several rock and hardcore bands. He signed a first remix for ‘Machins Choses’ by Bachar Mar Khalifé before collaborating with Bernard Szajner on his live ‘Evolution’. His first two EPs released on InFiné, Anamorphic and Oblite, oscillate between indietronica and emotional clubbing, and were supported by varied medias. His previous EP included a cover of The Smiths. This 3rd maxi highlight is an emblematic track of the early 90’s Eurodance scene.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1406338129 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
1. Clense
2. Some Revelation
3. Thames
4. Arches
5. What Is Love


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