Chris Coco & Peter Green – Albatross (The Orb Remixes) on Real Balearic

We’re sure most of you won’t need an introduction to the major hit Albatross, released originally by Fleetwood Mac in 1968, what some of you may not be aware of is that back in 2002 Peter Green (founder member of Fleetwood Mac) hooked up with British DJ/Producer, musician, journalist & broadcaster Chris Coco to record an updated version for his debut album Next Wave.
Real Balearic reissue those edits, along with brand new mixes by legendary ambient house pioneers The Orb
Originally formed by Jimmy Cauty and Alex Paterson in 1988, their early work in ambient music, soundscapes and science fiction set a benchmark in ambient house. The Orb’s current line up of Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann have continued that trend with this delightfully reworked deep progressive ambient house remix.
Their subtle use of samples adds a touch of electronica whilst keeping the authenticity of the original version. Proceedings slowly travel through soulful rhythms and peaceful sounds, all guided by Peter Green’s beautifully blissful guitar line, to the point where we don’t want this adventure to end. A short vocal concludes the track and allows us to wake us up from this exhilarating dream.
Also included on the release are the original re-workings from the single released by Chris Coco in
1 Chris Coco & Peter Green – Albatross – 11:46
2 Chris Coco & Peter Green – Albatross (The Orb Remix) – 7:47
3 Chris Coco & Peter Green – Albatross (The Orb Beatless Mix) – 7:41
4 Chris Coco & Peter Green – Albatross (‘6os Radio Edit) – 2:56
5 Chris Coco & Peter Green – Albatross (‘00s Edit) – 3:23


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