Valentino Mora – Slow Hyper Controlled Motion

After his first two releases, some magical pieces of music on his new label IDO, DEMENT3D is proud to welcome Valentino Mora on board, and share with you a part of his spiritual journey.
“House Music is a feeling, a state of mind” This credo had been literally our mantra, Julien and I, during our formative years of clubbing. Definitely the kind of vibe we had been craving for, wanting to give it a strong mark on the label. For us, in a way, it’s still all about the “dream”, a kind of passion for the American Dance Music scene of the 90’s.
During a trip to Japan this year, we spent some time with our friend Valentino Mora chatting about that “dream”, that glorified era, an irresistible fondness we all have in common… It has understandably led to the decision that we had to release something by the man himself.
10 July 2017 / DEMENT3D
01. Resist Fixity
02. Raising
03. Wavellite
04. Elevate


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