Listen:Ghetto Vanessa’s “Yuh Live Nice”

In the year 1997, Sönke Oberschmidt aka. Ghetto Vanessa was born in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. Influenced by listening to all kinds of music since his birth, he got a musician quite early by playing piano and drums in his childhood.

Over the years, he found love in percussion music from all around the world, same time he experienced the ,global bass‘ movement.

He played the marimbaphone in the percussion ensemble ,Banda Westfalica‘, which released their ,Versions‘-EP on Daniel Haaksman‘s ,Man Recordings‘ in 2012. While Banda Westfalica isn‘t existing anymore, Ghetto Vanessa keeps the idea of the project alive under the name ,Awalesi Fitness‘.
On the 24th of june 2016, the first part of the ,Ghetto Bird Saga‘ was published through the Jamaican dancehall label, which contains experimental caribbean music mixed with modern club sounds.
Ghetto Vanessa has a wide musical spectrum. Inspired dancehall over to favela beats or Dominican Bachata, he delivers new club sounds you may have not heard yet.


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