Sara Diamond shares single Unsure

Montreal pop R&B singer Sara Diamond is spending 2017 releasing singles about the ups and downs of love. Following the powerful single “Back to You” that focused on the pain of a break-up, Diamond unleashes her strong, affecting vocals on “Unsure”, a track about the uncertainties that plague one while dating. Featuring understated and minimal electronics, the arrangement put Diamond’s voice at the center where it belongs. There was a time she thought music had forsaken her. A child star who had sold millions of records, Sara quickly became disenchanted with the grind and little control she had over her trajectory. But she was always born to be a performer. Now at 22 years old, Sara Diamond is ready to unleash original music that she wrote herself, exploring the world from her own perspective without any compromises.

Diamond explains that “Unsure” is “all about all about that mini-freakout you have when you realize things are moving super fast. Sometimes you want to let yourself get caught up in the excitement- you want to act impulsively and do what feels good… But then you remember that if you don’t take a step back and slow down a little, things might just flame out before they get a chance to grow.


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