Listen:Amanda Mair's single "Rush"&“Wednesday”

Amanda Mair is a Stockholm native who gained attention as a teenager with her debut single, “House”. The Washington Post praised her grown up Kate Bush sounds, while Swedish national newspaper Aftonbladet described her album as one of the best Swedish debut albums of all time. Amanda has evolved since her debut – both as an artist and as a songwriter, but also as a person. She spent time focusing on herself and growing up. Her maturity shines through her best work yet on Despotz Records.
“Rush” is a dark and contemplative song about longing to feel the rush of a physical and emotional connection. An eternity has passed since the relationship crumbled. One familiar touch can bring those feelings rushing back. Introduced as a piano ballad, the song turns cold with chilling Trentemøller synths.

“Wednesday” is a beautiful and atmospheric swan song. The cinematic quality of the song reveals aching emotions as one might imagine a vast landscape devastated by war, or the inevitability of love. This song hits you right in the feels.

In Amanda’s words, “’Rush’ is about when passionate attraction and destructive addiction allows you to repeat the same hurtful mistake over and over again. While ’Rush’ paints a picture of the continual restless searcher, ’Wednesday’ allows you to take a step back and realize the tedious truth of one reality you’ve fallen in love with.


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