Prakash – Last Chance EP (incl. Jay Tripwire remix)

Travellin Music drops their first EP from Prakash.
The EP features a stunning Jay Tripwire remix alongside a brace of stand out originals. This EP sits solidly in the house mould, but offers a fresh and supremely refined edge that will make this a must buy for many djs. The versatility of the tracks are what really make this EP compelling. Last Minute channels an almost minimalist vibe, snappy beats and precise rhythmic flow give it a held tone vibe that you can really lose yourself in, perfect for warming things up, or changing gears. That Room brings the punchy in this slowly building burner that mixes classic Chicago with thoroughly modern Tech. Subtle use of arrangement, stabs and intriguing percussive riffs keep the listener focused whilst taking them far far away. A Dance floor burner.
Jay Tripwire drops his “spacial dubby” remix with his usual class, groovy bass and dubbed out synths take things in a different direction, adding a new dimension to an already versatile EP.



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