Sleep D & Albrecht La'Brooy "After The Rain EP" (Analogue Attic Recordings)

Melbourne, Australia’s Analogue Attic imprint returns this December with a collaborative EP from the label founders Albrecht La’Brooy and Butter Sessions founders Sleep D entitled ‘After The Rain’.
Since its inception back in 2014 the Analogue Attic imprint has gone on to release an array of raw, intricate and understated jazz-tinged house, ambient, and techno embracing a live and improvised feel. Heading things up are Alex Albrecht and Sean La’Brooy who encompass field recording from the landscapes of their homeland into their material and compose their material on the fly resulting in a dynamic musicality and finesse throughout their output. This time round the duo join forces with fellow Melbourne act Sleep D, the heralded duo who founded Butter Sessions and graced the Panorama Bar garden this summer as well as a Boiler Room in Melbourne.
Opening up the release is ‘Marshland’, fusing ethereal pads, chugging arpeggio bass and modulating synth whirrs with echoing piano chords and airy recordings. Title-track ‘After The Rain’ follows, employing rain drop field recordings, dreamy chord progressions, glitched out synths and bass drones to create an ethereal ambient number. ‘Limestone’ then picks up the pace with off-kilter, shuffled rhythms, wandering piano licks and murky sub bass tones throughout creating a smooth contemporary electro feel.
’31 Degrees’ continues to edge things towards the dance floor next via thunderous kicks, swinging percussion and cavernous atmospherics whilst stirring in spacey echoing synth licks to create an ever unfolding dubbed out aesthetic. ‘Bogged’ then rounds out the package with arpeggio 303 bass, spiralling whirrs and resonant moog style melodies to create a mind-altering closing cut.
Sleep D & Albrecht La’Brooy’s ‘After The Rain’ EP is out on Analogue Attic 4th December 2017.
1. Marshland
2. After The Rain
3. Limestone
4. 31 Degrees
5. Bogged


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