Watch:Sepalot's "Ching Chung" Video from new album "Seek"

With the third single ‚Ching ChungSepalot is adding another gem to the string of songs from his 2017 album ’Seek’.
With its heavy drums and and energetic synthline this track moves forward in a steady pace, remiscent of a steam train in motion. An atmosphere of departure surrounds the whole song and is emphasized by the lyrics. This ‚I’m ready to go‘ really leaves no questions open.
In Sepalots live set up this song also settles in perfectly and gives his newly founded quartett another reason to shine. See and hear for yourself

With „Seek“ SEPALOT presents the second part of his dilogie „Hide&Seek“.„Seek“, is his sixth solo album and his second album release in 2017. Electronic music with a modern twist and everlasting at the same time.
I enjoy getting entangled in a musical idea over an extendes period of time. It felt rightl tto take on the challenge to create not only one, but two albums at a time. A chance to tell a multilayered story and catch a vibe in a very short period of time.” ponders the beat visionary.
Sepalot is in love with sounddesign, that´s for sure. With an undying passion he follows the
road to the core of his musical vision Elegant breaks and the beat-heavy basics unite on „Seek“ and present the listener with pulsating dancefloor euphoria and yet headphone intimacy at the same time.
Sepalot knows to present a amazing and successful fusion of archaic rhythm and sphericalproximity.
„Konzentrat“ the first track on „Seek“ takes the audience on a journey from „Bitches Brew“
(Miles Davis) to bass music and back. A track like a Kandinsky painting. Every little sound, every base line seems to have a life of it’s own, but still a indispensable part of the ensemble.
The musical siblings „Hide&Seek“ are innovative electronic music, emphasizing Sepalots talent to connect technical experience with raw emotion. The result of this meltdown is as wide ranging as galvanic.

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For Sepalot DJ’ing has always been and remains an art form in the true sense of the word.
Being the curator of his own club nights, playing from Philly to Vienna, Moscow to Mexico City, he personally ensures a raging storm on the dance floor every time.In 2015 he expanded his artistic horizon one step further and collaborated with conceptual artist Alex Dworsky on a synaesthetic exhibition where Sepalot augmented painted street art with sound and atmospheres.
His cinematic beats and instrumentals can be found across the globe in Hollywood blockbusters such as “Arthur”, one of Paypal’s online ad campaigns, ABCs sitcom „Cougar Town“ or the current trailer to big screen hit “Bridget Jones’ Baby”. A natural workaholic he also curates his own radio show “Egotrippin” for german indie station Ego FM.

Sepalot regards himself as a music lover first, a cosmopolitan, at home in many generes –
rendering account only to his passion for music. His solo albums may not be aimed at a mainstream audience, but they remain his favorite,commited only to his vision of art.
Whatever Sepalot creates, it’s held together by his own unique aesthetic, a sonic signature
which identified everything he does as his and his alone.
Hidden and Found.

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