Muna 006 with Steve Bug, Tobi Neumann, Magit Cacoon & Jakob Korn


With Muna Musik Mathias Kaden created a label that brings together like-minded and talented artists and friends. Muna 006 features tracks from Steve Bug, Tobi Neumann, Magit Cacoon und Uncanny Valley’s Jakob Korn.
Long-time friend Tobi Neumann presents a stunning analogue track! His productions are rare and Muna Musik is honored to release his latest track “All His Soldiers”.
The bundle of energy, Magit Cacoon from Tel Aviv, adds a deep dancefloor killer to this EP plus a digital bonus track, an emotional song for quiet moments at home.
Electronic music ambassador Steve Bug inspired the Muna club with a multitude of releases over the past 20 years. They finally got their hands on one of his amazing productions for Muna 006!
Analog-genius Jakob Korn, who–besides his profession as dj, producer, and label owner of Uncanny Valley–is also working as a music teacher, completes the EP with his dreamy but mighty track “Mindfulness”.

Tracklist (digital):
1. Tobi Neumann – ”All The Soldiers”
2. Magit Cacoon – ”Deadman AF”
3. Steve Bug – ”Where Is The Clap?”
4. Jakob Korn – ”Mindfulness”
Digital bonus track:
5. Magit Cacoon – “Die Blaue Stunde”
Tracklist (vinyl):
A1. Tobi Neumann – ”All The Soldiers”
A2. Magit Cacoon – ”Deadman AF”
AA1. Steve Bug – ”Where Is The Clap?”
AA2. Jakob Korn – ”Mindfulness”



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