Sabo – Vibe Quest Remixes (feat. Acid Pauli, Zakir, Metrika, KMLN, Basti Grub & Timboletti)


This new Sol Selectas release is the second part of label owner Sabo’s debut album Vibe Quest, and features a selection of remix versions from artists including Zakir, Metrika, KMLN, Basti Grub and Timboletti.
The original concept behind Vibe Quest was to represent the never ending search for global beats and cultural grooves that are at the foundation of a countries dance movement. Each part of the world has subtle variations, but at the core of each music scene, there is a shared passion for sound, and exploring the differences is a joyful but never ending journey.
Release Date: Friday 27 October 2017
01. Timbiqui Hasta DC (Zakir ‘Back To The Roots’ Mix)
02. Singing Game (Metrika Remix)
03. Coconut Matras (KMLN Remix)
04. Fantastico (Basti Grub Remix)
05. Mind Dub (Timboletti Remix)



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