Listen:Mother of Mars – Seed 2 Sky on Ransom Note Records


“Floating in languid orbit, Mother of Mars circles the red planet. Its crew dream of dark matter. Slumbering, their conscious skitters across the infinite possibilities of duplicating universes, ricocheting between the possible, the definite, the never was, the always will be. The whispering of their passage a fractal melody containing all of the scales under all of the suns. They returned to Earth with messages from the stars and instructed the waiting throngs in the sacraments of the new temple. The arcane designs were inscribed, the seeds were planted and the Gods were summoned. The planet tilted and shook and shivered and opened its arms to embrace the newcomers flooding in from Mars. The new age had dawned.”

Mother of Mars is the latest evolution of Vito & Druzzi, two New Yorkers who have provided the 21st century with some of its most innovative dance music. The duo first came to fame as the rhythmic backbone of The Rapture, NYC pioneers who found global fame with their angular post-punk and howling disco. Since then Vito & Druzzi have had a prolific career as remixers and producers, producing leftfield disco killers for a range of labels including Warp and Throne of Blood. Their first release as Mother of Mars sees the duo fuse live krautrock drums with pulsating synth loops, creating two epics of space and rhythm that owe a debt to ‘70s kosmische pioneers like Tangerine Dream.
release date:November 17th, 2017
1.Hera In The Valley
2.Seed 2 Sky


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