Deepchord & Fluxion present: Transformations on Vibrant Music


K Soublis (Fluxion) and Rod Modell (Deepchord) are known figures in the electronic music scene, both writing and producing conceptual works, incorporating elements of techno, field recording, ambient/textural, processed audio signals, to a point where everything dissolves into something new.
They have been recording and releasing music since the 1990s. Rod Modell’s project Deepchord always pushes the sonic boundaries of free-form modulated electronic music. K. Soublis’s Fluxion project creates a transformative, liquid experience, using a never exactly repeating approach. Over the course of 20 years and dozens of releases, Modell and Soublis have dove into the deepest sonic waters and presented numerous memorable and distinct signature works. The Coldest Season, Liumin, and Vibrant Forms I & II, are points of reference for Deepchord and Fluxion’s introspective and avant-garde approach. The artist’s mutual respect for one another led them initiate a discussion on recording and performing on a new project in 2014 and it took a couple of years to find a “musical place” to inhabit. The two started working on new material, throwing ideas to one another, which led them to create an improvisational sound environment that shift-shapes and maneuvers through uncharted sonic territory.
It feels like we are watching a road movie where anything can happen
We wanted to indulge the audience making them a participant, an observant on how we can move on a linear form from one place to the next and slowly change the audio scenery, like it would have occurred on a road trip, where some things look familiar further into the trip and others have changed. The Accumulate ep, has this feeling of looseness while being dense at the same time. Conventional and unconventional instruments and techniques have been implemented for the making of this record.
This project is all about blaring lines between listening environments and the listening experience as a whole.
Release Date. 24 November, 2017
01. Accumulate Pt. 1
02. Accumulate Pt. 2



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