TQX featuring Sia – The Day That You Moved On


TQX debut single ‘The Day That You Moved On’ featuring the incredible Sia, will be released on 10th November


  1. Pop music is the most accessible art form. In the hands of the mysterious anonymous collective TourniquetX, it’s been weaponised, made to challenge and disrupt the status quo.
    TourniquetX’s debut single ‘The Day That You Moved On’ (out 10 November), is an impassioned song co-written with, and featuring, the voice of another pop saboteur, Sia – the award-winning singer-songwriter who’s worked with everyone from Zero 7 to Beck, Kendrick Lamar to Angel Haze.
    With Sia’s soulful tones, plangent piano and a dramatic sweep of drums and guitars, it’s worthy of a spy thriller soundtrack. A haunting song on the raw vulnerability of human attachment, when you view the video, the plot thickens. In a twisted futuristic world, humanity and technology melt together. A surrogate Sia merges with another woman to become the TourniquetX avatar. It’s a virtual creation designed to reframe pop culture and suggest a political, philosophical, and cultural rethink.
    “As an artist famed for questioning attitudes towards image and marketing by singing live with her back to audiences or with her face obscured, Sia was the perfect candidate to participate in the project,” TourniquetX say. “She’s brought the challenging nature of art into the pop world, which we really like.”
    The forthcoming TourniquetX album GLOBAL INTIMACY features an all-star cast of guest artists, from R&B singer Daniel Merriweather and Gabriel Winterfield of psychedelic dance outfit Jagwar Ma, to New York MC Cormega and players who’ve worked with David Bowie, D’Angelo and Jeff Buckley.
    Inspired by the dystopian prophecies of TV drama Black Mirror and Hollywood movie Her, and the very real spread of “fake news” via online networks, TourniquetX want to stem the bleeding: draw our attention to this nightmarish situation, and make us question our reliance on screens.
    “We are disturbed by the control that technology exerts on our lives, and social media’s power to reduce people to nothing more than cash cows. The unfolding reality of advancing technology is something that needs to be commented on. The internet has become insidious,” say TourniquetX. “People’s actual attention is a commodity now. Attention itself is money.”
    In its lyrical content, GLOBAL INTIMACY is a potent shot across the bows imploring us to alter our course. “It’s political, it’s anti-brainwashing, it’s looking at the scrolling zombies,” TourniquetX say. “It looks at the 24/7 curating of the exhibition of the self. The songs are anti technology and governmental bullying. It’s a political statement and a pop album.”
    TourniquetX are also acutely aware of the power that the internet has for positive change. It’s through the internet, after all, that TourniquetX aim to disseminate their music and message.
    “There is a beautiful ironic symmetry to it. We’re putting forward this message that the internet is stealing everything, but we aim to use it to gain recognition. It is a very deliberate, mindful way of leveraging the very thing that is leveraging our lives, habits and information. It’s a kind of bite back, and we love that idea. We also love pop music!”


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