Stranger Than Horses – On The Floor on Lagoon Recordings

On The Floor (Original) A truly original disco track with a steady house feel. On The Floor by Stranger Than Horses see them raising their game to a new level here. This amazing track oozes quality, talent, skill and soul. It feels like a classic disco track redone, it’s that sparkly. Possible crossover potential also here, with this Stranger Than a Horse hook, that will stick in your head for days.
The original Walking In Harlem track was a sleazy yet soulful stroll around a building dancefloor. Here with ASKY’s remix it carries the same qualities and adds more to them. ASKY’s remix has a retro Chicago house feel to it, yet with distorted brash cymbals, sinister new bass line, and an even sleazier take on the original vocal line. Something about this makes you feel uneasy….a quality we’re happy to offer for those wonkier moments.
Munsen’s remix of Peach Beach Disco is undoubtedly one for the demented and kinky. The playfully sinister hook immediately engages the listener as they are propelled along effortlessly by the explosive energy of the beats. Munsen’s rework blasts the track towards the realm of techno, without losing one inch of the hi-nrg feel of the original. Techno, disco, italo and a smidgen of electroclash, it’s all in there somehow. Whatever it is…it works.
Release date: TBC

1. On The Floor (Original)
2. Walking In Harlem (ASKY Remix)
3. Peach Beach Disco (Munsen’s Raw As Fuck Mix)



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