1954's debut album A Part Of Me is next on Project: Mooncircle


‘A Part Of Me‘ is the debut album by Ivan Arlaud alias 1954, a young musician from Lyon, France. It’s an immersive journey between nostalgic and synthetic sounds, melancholia and hope, fears and confidence. He contrived to describe all the bright, warm, cold and dark moments of his restless imagination in rhythms without being intrusive. As the title says, it’s his personal disclosure.
release date:26 January 2018
01. Flowers Of The Dead Man
02. It Was Love
03. Hermann’s Dream
04. Colored Lies
05. Pleaide
06. Blue Boy feat. Loup Na
07. Finaly
08. To Die For
09. Mean feat. Holly
10. Closer
11. We Used To Smoke feat. Mt
12. Madame Toulouse


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