Listen : Clement Bazin drops new single ‘Catch Me’


Parisian producer Clement Bazin has just revealed a second single ‘Catch Me’ featuring Aaricia taken from his debut album ‘Everything Matters’ set for release April 27th 2018 on Nowadays Records (Fakear, La Fine Equipe )

Bazin crafts warm electronic music and his new single ‘Catch Me’ perfectly showcases Bazin’s R&B rhythms, obsessive voice distortions and infectious melodies all built around a steelpan.

In his own words, ‘Catch Me is a track about innocence and trust, feeling as a kid again. It’s about that thing we’ve lost growing up most of the time, the ability to trust fully and still keeping this innocence at the same time. It’s the same spontaneity and freedom that the one you felt as a teenager in love. This is how love and daily stuff should be appreciated. I made this track in Montreal with the singer Aaricia, it was the end of the summer and we got overwhelmed by this desire to keep the heat and summer vibes forever. The goal of this track is to make people dance and feel madly free.