Listen : Multi-disciplinary artist Johny Dar drops new single Gigi


Artist, designer and musician Johny Dar released new single ‘Gigi’, as a precursor to his upcoming album and live show Dardelica, co-produced by Dan Vinci (Faithless, Basement Jaxx, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida Big Narstie, Example, Skream, Jessie Ware) after releasing previous singles ‘Be Free’ and ‘Scars’ in 2017. Already well-known in fashion and design circles, Dar has collaborated with a slew of artists including Jessie J, Florence Welch, Harry Styles, Sir Elton John, Carla Bruni, Bryan Adams, Julio Iglesias, Tom Waits, Dannii Minogue, Marianne Faithfull, Victoria Beckham, Melanie C and Sam Smith, on a host of creative projects. He has recently turned his attention to music, and delivering a new sonic language that has been dubbed ‘alien-rap’ – an original, organic vocal expression merged with modern electronic production that delivers an audio experience like no other.

Speaking about ‘Gigi’, Johny Dar comments: ‘I have been hearing this track in the back of my head for twenty years – it’s finally here! This is the track to start the new generation of music…’