Listen : Flora Cash’s New Single 18 Dollars


Flora Cash is a Scandi-American duo made up of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall. The couple has taken it upon them to sonically explore the diversity of human relationships through minor keys and brooding vocals, they double down on their palette of inky blues and blacks, standing wholly apart from their R&B-Pop peers

18 Dollars is a song that looks back on aspects of a relationship that has ended. There’s a stubbornness and a cockiness about it but that’s really only superficial. Beneath the surface there’s a deep longing to fix something that’s broken but a lack of insight as to how that might be possible. There is confusion about where things stand and how bad (or good) things really were. Ultimately, the track communicates the deeply felt ambiguity that often surrounds the ending of a romantic relationship.’ – Flora Cash

5th May 2018 – Nefertiti – Gothenburg, Sweden
14th May 2018 – Nordic Vibes Festival – Barcelona, Spain