Watch : Sophia Danai – Come Thru video


On Sophia’s words
In the video for “Come Thru,” I wanted to show my unravelling – unhinged yet empowered. I love the idea of losing my shit, singing karaoke at a party, and giving zero fucks. The guitar I break in the video was from my honeymoon. I bought it in Bruges and even then, I knew my marriage was doomed. I was too afraid of being without him, and I felt trapped. He had a bad drinking problem, and I thought I could be the one to help him. I was wrong, and way too young to deal with something like that. That particular guitar was an oasis to me through that time, but it also represented a period that I needed to let go of. I figured if I was going to break and burn a guitar in the video, it should be mine, and it should mean something.