Listen : Alyss reveals new single ‘5D’ taken from her new ‘3Earth’ EP


Final single from upcoming 3EARTH EP – release 22nd April 2018

‘5D’ was a collaboration with producer Jason Julian (Avelino, Ms Banks, Etta Bond) who Alyss met at her studio complex and in her own words she describes the influences behind the track:

Some say that the planet is currently transitioning from third dimensional consciousness in to the fifth dimension and the troubles we are having personally and collectively are part of this shift – a massive, necessary purge internally and externally to step up our game as a species. The more I learn and observe within myself, the more it resonates. Making 5D felt like a gateway to a more transcended state of being – a quantum way of thinking and living that has no limits. For that reason, 5D still feels cryptic to me… I’m still figuring out exactly what it means to be limitless.

Her new EP ‘3EARTH’ primary message centres around the notion of How do we move forward as a human race? The 3EARTH title relates to 3 options we can take for the future of our evolution. We can either create; a living breathing planet if we take honest action, a dead planet if we take no action or we simply maintain the status quo by taking minimal action. Alyss’ desire is to push for a world, free from corporate interest dictating our reality and our natural resources, ‘This requires us to not only reconnect with nature, but with ourselves too. Honest action begins inside first, only then will we truly start to move forward.

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