Coralcrown drops debut EP Birth and shares the video for his disco-funk laden indie anthem ‘She is a Saint’


Coralcrown’s EP has just dropped on Spotify and celebrate the release the band have made a video for the key track ‘She is a Saint’
Close mic’d guitars and a lush indie soundscape form the backdrop for an anthemic meditation on carnal desire and temptation. The song’s voyeuristic perspective is soundtracked by 80’s sunshine pop synths and funk guitar. ‘She Is A Saint’ showcases Coralcrown’s effortless knack for song architecture. It’s danceable, groove-laden and subtle, climaxing with a bluesy guitar solo that highlights his perfectionist’s ear for feel-good sounds.

EP Track Listings
She Is a Saint
Between the Lights

See Coralcrown live
May 4th: The Finsbury, N4 1BY, London