Track of the Day : Delroy – The Liquid Life


With these two tracks Delroy tries to go back to before the term Liquid Funk was actually invented, harking back to the style that pioneers like Fabio used to champion in the ’90s: the groove and the vibe, rather than the sheer fact that a tune was melodic or had vocals in it. “Liquid Bitch” is a catchy tune, but full bodied and dark enough, like certain Jungle used to be…
On the other hand “The Liquid Life” sounds more elegant, reflecting the understanding and feeling Delory has for Liquid Funk.

Both tunes use vintage Soul samples, in the way they used to be employed in the early days of Jungle, but with a more modern production style…
Liquid Jungle maybe, rather than Liquid Drum and Bass, or at least that’s the direction Delroy wanted to pursue with this single.

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