Watch : Deux Trois – Dave (Video)

‘Dave’ is the moment you look back on your first experience of unrequited love, in all its awkwardness, longing and misunderstanding. The song is the sound and feeling of a catharsis: remembering how real your invisibility was to you, seeing the bitter sweetness (and the humour) in their image after time has passed and you are free to move on. The video needed to be as sincere in experience as the truth of the complexities of unrequited love, and the questions you ask inside yourself when confronted with who you were when you were young. Though the real ‘Dave’ never loved me, but after the first time I saw him and nearly every subsequent moment that I saw him, I would be inspired to write. He was my deepest muse for many years, influencing my writing, music and art. When I look back, I know that I didn’t spend enough time with him to have a complete concept of his person. The ‘Dave’ lyrics use imagery from 2001: A Space Odyssey to talk about being a juvenile in unreturned love, the distance between a weak computer and the image of his love interest. The video features improvised performance, people at play, actors in frustration and boredom, and documentary footage to lend truth to our images. The poignancy of the video comes from our band’s transparency and the thinking that went into making it, without losing the playful and cathartic vision of the song. A song without love in it is emptiness; there is love here, in every aspect of the virtual makeup of ‘Dave’.