End Christian -Bach Part One LP (Feat Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu) and members of ex-Dalek, Brutal Truth, Hex Inverter, Fad Naseum + more


Formed in 2017 by Christian McKenna, (Hex Inverter), Alap Mom (ex-Dalek, Third Culture Kings), Richard Hoak (Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction), Vincent Rosa (Starkweather) and Gillian Dreadful (Fad Nauseam), End Christian sound like little else. The rarest of species, a band with no safety net and no conformist formula to follow, End Christian take a freeform approach to composition their latest full-length effort ‘Bach Part 1’, combining blackened noise, trip-hop, post-rock and ethereal ambient electronics with avant-garde structures and highly personal, human emotions.

Following on from the critically acclaimed release of their debut ‘Energy & Strength’ in 2017, End Christian strive to defy the routine approaches to creating music. The album features several inimitable guest musicians including Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu), Mike Hill (Tombs), Chris Connolly (Sun Kil Moon) and many others. However, despite each member’s previous output, this is anything but a straight up metal record. Whilst each artist wears their influences on their sleeve, End Christian’s music immediately debunks any preconceptions. The band employs the use of almost jazz-like exploration and determination to deliver an energetic look into their expansive musical abilities, encouraging fellow musicians to veer out of their comfort zones, compiling vocal and instrumental textures and effects before moulding each piece into its final form.

The emanations of their previous work appear here sharper than ever. The album has a melodic and at times cinematic character, though the waves of distortion and layers of broken atmospherics prevent it from becoming pigeonholed. Tracks such as ‘Hamilton Two’ and ‘Anywhere With You’ demonstrate an ethereal post-pop sonic palette, scattered with digital debris and dark avant-undertones. Elsewhere tracks such as ‘Workmanlike’ take an altogether more direct industrial tone, whereas ‘Certs’ and ‘Venison Thaw’ push the thin line between intricate experimental electronics and raw power, whilst also instilling hip-hop instrumental inspired grooves. Each track clearly pushes the boundaries of what is to be of expected, but still carries each musician’s darker sensibilities. As whole body of work, ‘Bach Part 1’ exemplifies these themes perfectly, balancing beauty and menace, power and subtlety and melody and rhythm.

There are countless wonders to unearth in ‘Bach Part 1’, the album leads the band into more inventive and adventurous territory than ever before. End Christian have proven yet again that they are not willing to be compartmentalised and albums that manage to merge such a wide variety of styles and exhibit such a multitude of musical landscapes are rare.

End Christian have now morphed into a more complex beast, flexing a more adventurous and defined output than their previous manifestations, producing an uninhibited but melodically immaculate second album.