Watch : Polychrome’s visual for ‘Dreaming About You’

East-London-based Polychrome, who channel the spirit of Cocteau Twins with the electronic ecstasy of M83, are made up of Oliver of The Bronze Medallists and Victoria of Victoria and Jacob.

Polychrome now release ‘Dreaming About You’, off the upcoming self-titled debut album ‘Polychrome’. With it’s warm, thick synths, the new single paints a prismatic terrain and allows us to explore more of the expansive, hued landscape of the album. It opens with high-end, dreamy frequencies, and when the bass, percussion, and both Victoria and Oliver’s vocals join it’s an interlacing marriage that makes heads bob.

The single’s creative visual features aptly chimerical filters, hazy shots of British countryside, and a naked, estranged couple separated by an invisible wall. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from legendary London music scene legend Roger Mairlot AKA The Gig Slut. If you’ve been to an indie gig in London the chances are you’ve rubbed shoulders with this gent!

Here’s what Polychrome had to say about the video:

We got the chance to make a video with a great director who’s based out in Dubai. His idea sounded amazing but involved the actors taking their clothes off and the only time he could shoot it was during a two-week window. We thought, ‘how the bleep are we going to find someone who won’t mind getting naked, so quickly?’. We put a shout out on Facebook and within hours we had the whole cast, which maybe says something about our mates…

The chemistry is real, the two main parts were filled by old flames from drama college. They literally dreamed about each other for 3 years but never quite made it stick back then. I’ll let you decide whether something happened after the shoot or not…