Grammy Winner MagnusTheMagnus Releases Vocal Edit of Area after syncs from iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Watch and Nike, via Universal Sweden

With the success of previous singles, gaining millions of streams via Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, with Keep On Lovin’ (ft. Seinabo Sey), Realligator and particularly Area, Grammy Winner MagnusTheMagnus now releases forthcoming track; It Don’t Impress Me (ft. Madi Banja) – a vocal edit of Area – the track which featured in major syncs for Apple, Nike, Cartier and Netflix through 2017 and 18, continuing his rapturous reign with solo swagger.

Through recent years, the Swedish production force has collaborated – producing and writing – songs for artists such as Seinabo Sey, Mapei and more. Magnus is part of the studio collective @Goodfatherstudios along with some other notable producers/artists like Sebastian Ingrosso and Vargas & Lagola.

It Don’t Impress Me opens with arpeggiated, soft synthesisers. Accompaniment in the form of Madi Banja’s vocals give the initially digitalised opening a sense of organic-ness – something that effortlessly shines through the Gambian native’s tones. The track which is instrumentally alike to Magnus’s 2017 track Area is given a new lease of life with Madi’s voice, furthermore showcasing his eclecticism in terms of production. The Swede draws influences from genres like Dub and Jungle on It Don’t Impress Me – classifications that are generally enjoyed and appreciated world-wide.